The Micronauts line of toys came out around 1978-1979 if I recall. They were all the rage for 1 or 2 years. My brother and I both collected them, and I remember every birthday and every Christmas being nothing but Micronauts.

My favorite figure was always the "Time Traveler", which came in many variations of colors and chest-plates. The figure pictured on the left is from my original collection.

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I have a LOT more stuff to add here, so please consider this section under construction!

One of the coolest Micronauts sets ever was the "Rocket Tubes" set. WAY too expensive for me to get as a kid, I have currently have three sets in various conditions and states of completeness. Between the three of them I can get a pretty big set going.

Most Rocket Tubes sets I've seen don't have the stickers, so I was pleasantly surprised when one of my sets had an unused sticker sheet. I promptly scanned it so others could print out their own sticker sets. Unfortunately, the sticker sheet is printed on a silver foil backed material, which made the scan come out really bad. Anybody want to clean this up in Adobe Illustrator for me?

There was also a sticker sheet for the glow-in-the-dark parts of the set, but it has deteriorated with age such that I don't see the point of scanning it. It's just a bunch of thin stripes of glow in the dark sticker for the most part anyway.

Someone recently had this cool set of original blueprints for the Rocket Tubes set on eBay. I didn't bid, but I did snarf the photos for posterity.

Here's a cool advertisement for the Rocket Tubes set. This is from an August 1979 'Playthings' magazine.