I have a complete collection of Mattel LED handheld games (minus a couple rare duplicates that I sold off a couple years ago).

These little gems came out in the mid to late '70s. They would take a single 9V battery, and all gameplay was typically done with a small matrix of LED dots. All sound was done with a tiny built-in piezo driver. I was in love with these little guys the minute I first saw a neighbor kid with Auto Race! As a kid I only had "Football II", "Battlestar Galactica Space Alert", and "Armor Attack".

I also have several other handheld games from the era like Merlin, etc. I have about 30 or so Simon games that I plan on using to create a giant computerized lighting display for my gameroom. It's going to be an extremely impressive piece of work.

My favorite games were Space Alert, Master Blaster, and Super Simon.

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I have a LOT more stuff to add here, so please consider this section under construction!

Pictures of some of the games from my collection

Vintage print advertisement for Bambino "Space Laser Attack"
I have one of these.

A series of images I rendered and modeled in 3D.