This was a plastic hovercraft produced by Testors that was powered by a small .049 glow fuel engine. It had no controls, and would freefloat about 1" above smooth surfaces - bouncing lazily around our patio like a giant air-hockey puck.

I believe this toy came out sometime around 1978. You can see the Star Wars influence that nearly every toy had at the time.

If I remember correctly, I got this item by selling greeting cards door to door (one of those places that used to advertise in kid's magazines and comics). The engine used to scare the bejeesus out of me when it ran.

I have three(!) of these toys now, all from eBay (my original toy disappeared). Two are used and the other one I got was still sealed in the box(!). The used ones aren't running at the moment.

Advertising Flyer Instructional Recording
(MP3 Format)
Scan of Sticker Sheet Parts List

Photo of the rear side of the box that the Galax IV came in.

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