I have always loved model cars, but specifically "show rods". I have a large collection of show rod models, die-casts, and artwork. Eventually I'll put photos of them all here. For now, here are some vintage ads for some classic show rod models from the '70s.

I've modeled a lot of these cars in 3D. Please check them out here!

I used to go to the drug store where there was a models section, and they always had these crazy kits for sale. Years later, I found that they were almost all designed by just a few people. Tom Daniels, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, and George Barris. These guys are my heros now. Boy did they come up with some insane stuff.

If you are also interested in show rods, you may be interested in these links:
showrods.com - Dave's Show Rod Rally Vintage Car Models
tomdaniel.com - Official website for Tom Daniel
edroth.com - Official website for Ed Roth
barris.com - Official website for George Barris

Tom Daniel Model Ads