The Movie

I'm working on a totally computer generated version of a typical eighties mall Time-Out Tunnel arcade with the intention of creating some sort of virtual walkthrough movie for download. It is still in development, but I'll post pictures here every week or so as I make progress on it. Be sure to check back here regularly for updates!

• Special thanks to David Dries for his inpirational Arcade 84 video!
• Also check out the bitchin 3D model of the Station Break arcade that Geoffrey Kovar has been building for MAMEWorld!


It's Here!
It's not the Time-Out movie that everyone has been waiting for, but I think you guys will be pleased. The result of 6 months of rendering time alone, here is a short "showreel" type movie I put together. It has a few shots of Battlezone, and then switches to the glorious Tron cabinet. All set to music.

You will need some form of DivX codec to play the movie. You can download one for free from here http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/codec/




Turned out really sweet. It's such a gorgeous machine to begin with.
I'm going to make some animations of just this machine it looks so nice. Take time to notice the branding on the blacklight tube and the wiring inside the joystick. There are even solder blobs holding the ends of the wire to the leaf switch in the stick.


Rowe BC-25 Bill Changer


Couple of Time-Out renders with the games I have modeled so far. Also trying out some different treatments for the mall interior. Trying for that '70s Springfield Mall look, but this isn't quite doing it for me. I did the "Change" sign that goes in the rear of the arcade.


Completed work on Space Fury.


Completed work on Zaxxon. Should be a simple matter to retheme the cabinet for Space Fury and Eliminator. Check it.

Also added the inner backdrop and mirror assembly to Battlezone and did some final cleanup and tweaks. I think that machine is done now too!

I finally got disgusted with my standard button model so I redid it from scratch. See the photo below for comparison. Much more accurate now. The hard part is going to be going through all the existing models and replacing the buttons.

Started on the Zaxxon/Eliminator/Space Fury cabinet.

Almost done with Battlezone! I redid the visor from scratch, and the only thing left at this point is the inner backdrop and mirror assembly.

I've been thinking about what game to model next - I think I'm going to do Zaxxon because I can use the same cabinet model for Eliminator, Space Fury, and a couple other machines that use the same cabinet.

In other news, I've ordered a brand-new computer system from Alienware, and it is supposed to ship sometime this month. This is a monster system with the latest Intel Core 2 CPU. I should have enough power to be able to really crank renders out. I promise I'll post some Time-Out test animations once I have the new system in my grubby hands.

Well, here's some shots of the Battlezone cabinet. It's not yet complete but thought I'd show off how it looks since it's been so long since the last update. After 2 weeks of working on the visor I still think I'm going to have to redo it. Ouch.

Sorry again for the lack up updates. I've started the Battlezone model and I've gotten hung up on the front visor piece (very tricky to get right). This is definitely one of the more complicated models. I should have some renders of it ready in the next few weeks.

In other news, I've been thinking a lot about the rest of the mall. I stumbled across a few renders from back before I added the beginnings of the rest of the mall, and I have to say that I prefer it without the mall. It looks much more dramatic with just the darkened suggestions of the rest of the mall and the starkly lit Time-Out entrance. I am now rethinking things and may just revert back to the darkened entrance only instead of an entire mall hallway.

Sorry for the recent lack of updates! I've been slightly sidetracked with another, somewhat related project for the last few months. In the meantime, here are some new machines that I've just modeled for the virtual arcade. I also updated the Asteroids model a bit.




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