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Gary Heller send in these photos along with the following background info:

This is from TIME-OUT at Golden Ring Mall in Rosedale, Maryland, just north of Baltimore.

It's a SEGA'S Time Out design from the mid/late 80's of moderate size, probably around 4000 Sq.Ft. and was located just a couple stores away from a mall enterance. I was asked to go down there for a couple weeks and take over the store as they had just fired the manager and wanted someone to clean up the aftermath, fix up the machines and deal with a staff that included at least one thief (who i caught!). This was in late 1994 i believe.

The store itself was closed in 1998 I think, because I remember visiting the mall around then and the arcade was now a sports memoriabilia store but still had all the TimeOut facade. The mall closed completely in 2000 and is now gone. It's a pretty ordinary location with some ticket redemption stuff, but I also got shots of the workroom which most people never see.

A brief mall history is here: