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Dan Schopf was kind enough to mail me these totally cool Time-Out newsletters to scan for the site.

Included are several issues of "The Sound Board", Time-Out's employee newsletter, a sequence of company memos about holiday coupon book sales, and a Time-Out Holiday card. The holiday card has a nice color photo of Dan and two employees at the entrance of his Time-Out at the Terrace Mall, Robbinsdale, MN (store #51).

Contained in the newsletters are several cartoons and even a Time-Out crossword puzzle!

Very cool Dan, thanks so much!

Time-Out Holiday Card

Dan Schopf pictured [center] at the entrance of his Time-Out at the Terrace Mall, Robbinsdale, MN.

Dan adds "Took me a while, but I now remember the names of the others in the photo. From left to right: Dale Parvey, myself, and Gary Olson. Dale and I remained friends for a few years after Time Out. Gary (who's name I forgot) was very quite but was responsible for the idea of the Ms. Onion Peel stripper at a Mall Christmas party (it's in the news letter)".

"The Sound Board" - Volume 1 Issue 3 (no date)

"The Sound Board" - February 1983

"The Sound Board" - March 1983

Crossword Puzzle
Just the crossword puzzle from the above Sound Board issue - reformatted for easier printing!

Memorandum - December 1, 1982

Memorandum - December 8, 1982

Memorandum - December 15, 1982

Memorandum - December 22, 1982

Memorandum - December 29, 1982