Lunar Lander 2000

What is it?
Lunar Lander 2000 is a simple Windows port of a program by Lars Forsberg. You can check out his original FreeBSD version at

I did my version in a single evening as a real "quick and dirty" little exercise to get my feet wet in OpenGL programming. As a result, do not expect a lot of elegence in my portions of the code, hehe (although the binary is only a mere 32k!).

This program has been tested on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 but it should work on any version of Windows.

Download the binary/executable
Download the source code

Game Play
The game starts with the lander at a stationary altitude of 2000 with 5000 units of fuel, thrust starts at 1:1 power to weight - to begin descending you must lower the thrust.

These keys are used in the game (make sure you have NUMLOCK turned on!) :
HOME or SPACE or NUMPAD '+'      Increase trust
END or NUMPAD '-' Decrease thrust
F1 Camera follows the lander
F2 Camera position is fixed
NUMPAD ARROW KEYS Rotate viewpoint (only in F1 view mode)
CURSOR ARROW KEYS Rotate the lander (not recommended!)
PAGE UP Zoom in
PAGE DOWN Zoom out

To make a safe landing, your speed must be less than 0.500. If you don't want the lander to accelerate, you must have a thrust with the value 2.0. If you land or crash you get a short message and the lander is reset to its starting position.