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Tron Lightcycle

Something I threw together over a couple of days. I always wanted to model one of these.

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Royal Rail

3D model of the plastic model kit from the '70s.

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Tijuana Taxi

Model of the old Tijuana Taxi plastic model kit from the 70s.

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Li'l Yeller

3D model of the plastic model kit from the '70s.

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Red Baron

3D model of the classic "Red Baron" plastic model kit from the 70s.

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Pie Wagon

Yet another classic plastic model kit from the '70s designed by Tom Daniel. I love the lines on this car. Such a gorgeous show rod. I also love the "brass" parts, the triple inline Stromberg dual barrel carburators, and the glass back door for storing the "pies".

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Groovy Grader

"Groovy Grader". Another Tom Daniel design from the '70s. A road grader with wheelie bars, LOL.

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Boot Hill Express

The infamous Boot Hill Express model kit, based on the real show rod car.
From the model box:
"With an old West concept in mind, an old hearse provides a most unusual basis for a show car. Originally a horse-drawn hearse of the mid-1800s era, the "Express" was built by Cunningham of New York. The coach body with its beautiful ancient carriage styling and black velvet curtains has been beautifully reproduced in this fine model."

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Draconian Marauder

From the TV show "Buck Rogers"

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