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Atari Adventure [wikipedia article] has always been one of my favorite games. Not just for the Atari 2600, but in general. It just has so much heart and personality. I can still, today, play the game and be amazed at the scope and playability of the game. The original version was written by Warren Robinett and was released sometime around 1980 as a cartridge for the Atari 2600 VCS game console. It went on to sell a million copies and is widely considered to be a true classic and a landmark in computer gaming.

So, yeah yeah - I know there are emulators in existence that already run this game perfectly. There are also some recreations out there that add additional levels and such. But emulators require substantial CPU resources to run, which seems pretty wasteful for a game like Adventure and also thereby eliminate many "lo-fi" platforms from running the game (cell phones for instance). None of the simulation/recreations that I have played have the same feel as the original game. They all seem to be completely lacking the "soul" of the original game, and the source code is typically not available and/or platform independent. There is the Atari Flashback version (ewww, what a BAD simulation!). The Atari Flashback 2 has a perfect version of Adventure (and a sequel too!) but then of course you have to play the game on your TV.

Finally, I loved the fact that original sources had been decompiled (which provided some pretty cool insights into the game!) and annotated/commented, but I wanted the game to be preserved and documented in a more portable (and readable!) form.

Adventure Revisited is my attempt at creating a lightweight but HIGHLY ACCURATE open-source and platform independent version of the classic Atari game Adventure. I wanted to write something that you could pick up and read to just see how the game worked, or you could take and with very little changes, create a version of the game that could run on a portable device for instance. My original motivation for doing this was so that I could create a version of Adventure that would run on my Treo 600 which incidentally has a resolution of 160x160 - less than that of the original 2600, thus requiring some sub-pixel magic, but certainly doable. The Windows application, minus sound samples, is only 68k. w00t!


This game was originally for the Atari 2600, so keep that in mind as you interact with the program.

Use the following keys to play Adventure:Revisited

SPACEBAR FIRE BUTTON (pick up and put down objects)

The short version of the instructions are:

  1. Start the program
  2. Select a game with the '2' key on your keyboard. There are 3 different games with increasing difficulty. Game 1 is the easiest.
  3. Once you have selected the proper game level, press the '1' key on your keyboard to begin the game.
  4. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to move around, and to drop objects.

Your goal is to find the Enchanted Chalice and return it to the Yellow Castle, avoiding the dragons along the way! If a dragon eats you, you may restart the game where you left off by pressing the '1' key on your keyboard (START GAME), but any dragons you've killed will come back to life. All other items will remain where you left them (aside from items moved by the bat of course).

I also have a complete HTML version of the original Atari Adventure instructions.

Original Adventure� game Copyright © 1980 ATARI, INC.
Any trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective holders.